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Don’t Starve Together’s newest story arc keeps the game fresh


Ten years after its initial launch Don’t Starve Together is still going strong. It’s a testament to developer Klei’s continual maintenance, patches, and updates to the game — and to the new fanbase it found as it launched on Nintendo Switch on April 12, 2022. A new update, released on April 27 — and the incredibly charming cinematic that came with it — continues this legacy of giving players more reasons to log back on. In short: It’s never been a better time to check out the game.

The new update, titled Beyond: Taking Root, completes the From Beyond arc — a storyline that put in the shadows and the moon in conflict with each other. In keeping with the tradition of previous updates, these new story details also add some silly gameplay wrinkles:

Rifts spewing lunar energy will begin to open in the world, either by defeating the Celestial Champion or by server settings.
The first creatures to spew forth are very interested in gardening.
New and powerful equipment can be crafted from these extra-planar thralls, with the right crafting station.
While this update is available on Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox, Switch users will have a wait a little longer, as it “takes a little longer there,” according to the dev blog.

And if you’re new here, I’ll reiterate that the game is absolutely worth trying out: Don’t Starve Together is the multiplayer iteration of cult-favorite survival sim Don’t Starve. You play as one of a handful of Edward Gorey-esque characters, each with their own quirk. My personal favorite character to main is Wendy, who comes with a companion — the ghost of her twin sister, Abigail. You must find food, build shelter, and fend off enemies on a procedurally generated map chock full of personality, and weird ass ways to die.

It’s a ridiculous, and incredibly fun, time — and the From Beyond arc has only added to the 10-year-old game’s charm.

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