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How do you like to play Zelda games


You probably already know how you’re going to play through The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. I certainly do; I’m going to take little bites out of each piece of the map, as if it’s a delectable dessert that I’m trying to make last (our review only reinforces my desire to take my time). Then, I’m going to double over my tracks to become proficient with weapon and item fusing, as well as the improved cooking system. Miss me with collecting Korok seeds, though, unless Nintendo has made them more compelling to seek out than in Breath of the Wild.

I’ve already talked with someone who plans to do the exact opposite; they intend to race through as quickly as possible so that they aren’t spoiled by the main story beats. I try to be respectful of other perspectives, but I want to let my brain marinade in Zonai juice for as long as I can.

I get it — some people aren’t afforded huge amounts of free time to play video games. Those people get a pass, but respectfully, it’s tough for me to accept that rushing through this game will still extract the same flavor, if you will, for those (ahem, The Verge’s Jay Peters) who plan to play it this way.

So, I’m curious: how do you plan to play it? Are you going to push forward along the path of major story objectives, so you can move onto other games in the coming months? Or, are you just going to let the game carry you as long as you’re interested, regardless of how long it takes? Let us know.

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